More Together



Every child should feel safe and secure at its school. That's why we have introduced ‘Kanjertraining’ (Superstar Training). We teach children how to respectfully interact with themselves, each other and the school. In addition, children are taught the value of reliability and working together. This allows us to create a great place for all children.

Learning through discovery

Working independently

In all classes, the same work methodology is used. Following an explanation, children work independently, without approaching the teacher at any given moment. This teaches children to take initiative, plan their work and persevere. The goal is to instil responsibility and self-sufficiency.

Durable togetherness

Result-oriented work

We want each child to get the best out of him or herself. Therefore, pupils work at each subject at their own level, allowing them to achieve specified tuition goals. For example, some children may be offered additional work, while others are offered support by the teacher. In this way, we get the most out of every child and allow them to perform at their highest level.

Our School

School plays a crucial role in your child’s development. Eight years of primary education make up an important part of every child's life. Throughout this period, you’re entrusting your child to your school of choice: a school with an excellent atmosphere and a learning environment that suit you and your child.

At De Fontein, we pay a great deal of attention reading and writing skills and numerical literacy. We also focus on talent development. Teaching methods are adapted to the learning needs of each child and we ensure every pupil is ready for his or her future – which will be wonderful!

Mila (4) wants to live on Mars

And her teacher can come with her. For at our Octant school, Mila learns about working together with others and technology. She grows up to be a self-aware person who dares to make decisions, so she will opt for living in Madrid instead of Mars.

De Fontein is part of Octant

Octant operates eight Christian schools in nine locations. Octant schools are characterized by their endless striving towards growth. We focus on growth through quality improvement every day. Staff regularly attend school themselves: our own academy, at which teachers and staff receive training that helps them become even better at their tasks, is just one way in which we realise our ambitions. We improve quality by constantly adapting our teaching to today’s society. We place an emphasis on science and technology. Three core values provide the bedrock for all our efforts: 'Self-awareness', 'Learning through discovery' and 'Durable togetherness’.