Here, you can find our responses to parents’ most Frequently Asked Questions!

How do I register my child with De Fontein?

You may register your child by calling our school or by completing the registration form on our website. Click here for more information.

How do I report my child’s absence due to illness?

If your child is ill and will be staying at home, we must be informed of this before 8:30 am. You can use this form, or you can call us. Get well soon!

How do I register my child for after-school care?

We work with the LEUK Ypenburg, who provide before-school and after-school care on our premises. You can sign up your child here (in Dutch).

How do I register my child for school lunch hour?

You can register your child by collecting the application form at the school reception desk. You can also fill in a digital application form on this page.

How can I pass on a message to my child’s teacher?

If you have a short message, you can give your child a note. You can also approach your child’s teacher in person. The best moment to do so is in the morning before class or in the afternoon after school. You can also send your child's teacher an email. Click here for the contact details of all our colleagues.

How do I request additional leave?

Any leave outside the school schedule must be applied for in writing. You will need to fill out a form which be obtained from Amber or Lisette at the school reception desk. More information regarding the regulations governing additional leave applications can be found here (in Dutch) on the municipal website of The Hague.

Who can answer questions about payment of school lunch hour?

Amber Sieh manages the administration of the lunch hour. You can put your questions to her by phone or by email: a.sieh@octant.nl.

When are the school holidays and study days?

All school holidays and study days are listed in our annual planning, which can be found here.

When can I discuss school reports?

Report meeting dates are listed in our annual planning, which can be found here.

How can I register for DigiDuif?

More information about signing up for DigiDuif can be found here (in Dutch). After creating an account, you must link this account to your child(ren). This requires your child(ren)’s unique activation codes, which can be obtained from Lisette van 't Veer by phone, or by email: l.vant.veer@octant.nl. Having trouble creating an account or linking with the activation code? Drop by at school, Lisette can help!

How do I schedule an appointment with school social services?

You can get in touch with our school social worker Ingrid Kuyvenhoven, who is present every Thursday. You can also reach her by email: i.kuyvenhoven@smw-basisschool.nl or call her on 0654781218.

How can I make an appointment with the teacher or mentor/care coordinator?

Our mentors/care coordinators are Inge Griffioen (classes 1 to 5) and Maaike van den Akker (classes 6 to 8). To make an appointment, please call the school. You can also send the mentors/care coordinators an email. Inge can be reached at i.griffioen@octant.nl. The email address for Maaike is m.van.den.akker@octant.nl.